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Why Choose Str0ud?

Str0ud SEO Consulting Services is owned by Jay Young and Julie Joyce, SEO professionals with a combined 8 years in the search engine marketing industry. As the face of the company, Jay Young (of www.jaysglasses.com fame) is a Renaissance man who enjoys shipping novels and a good curry. Most importantly, however, Jay's background in systems administration enables him to think through the technical details involved with many aspects of marketing. With over 8 years of experience, Jay is now forging into the public speaking arena with his first talk at Search Engine Strategies London 2007 on his new favorite topic, video and podcast search. Jay also heads up all of the link development projects for the agency's clients and has just started work on a new SEO blog, SEO Blokes.

As the brains behind the company, Julie Joyce terrifies the English and likes anything orange. Julie's 8 years of experience in the field includes stints as a Java and ASP programmer, quality assurance analyst, technical writer, search engine management specialist, and SEO project manager. Julie has not been asked to appear at any public functions and most likely will not be at any point in the future. Julie is currently heavily involved with promoting the new women's SEO site, SEO Chicks and has been recently interviewed for Search Marketing Gurus in their "Women of Internet Marketing" section. Julie is currently heading up the PPC and social media marketing/optimization projects for the agency's clients.

Current Interests


Str0ud is currently engaged most heavily in video search optimization and project management and is becoming more involved in large-scale PPC projects and European social media optimization. Str0ud is also now partnering with a few select SEO professionals in the UK and Europe in an effort to better serve clients all over the globe.