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Social Media Services

Social media services have evolved substantially in the past year. Once thought of as fodder for teenagers wishing to meet up with friends online, social media has grown into a reputable field that has the potential to generate tons of leads for sites in almost every industry. Whether you are interested in starting a corporate blog, getting your new company out there in Facebook and LinkedIn, or being on the forefront of the newest in social media sites, Str0ud can help.

Social media can fail if done improperly. In particular, B2B sites are a tricky marketing issue in terms of social media. However, our research and experience leads us to believe that anyone can benefit from social media. Many larger corporations are looking to create corporate blogs that are of value to their employees and their customers, and considering their reputations are on the line, this is a marketing effort that MUST be handled with care by professionals who know the tricks of the trade.

Corporate Blogging

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If you're interested in starting a corporate blog or you simply wish to put your company out there to get leads, Str0ud can lead you to where you need to be. We're experienced in determining which sites you need to be on based on your specific industry, so you won't waste your time generating irrelevant traffic.